Air Transport

The Kingdom's air transport sector is witnessing rapid growth due to the high competition and the development of services. The Ministry is responsible for overseeing this sector through the General Authority of Civil Aviation to ensure that the general objectives of the aviation sector are achieved as follows:

  •  Formulate the civil aviation system to be adequate to the next stage and the Saudi Vision 2030
  • Implement a comprehensive plan for all airports that is inadequate to the national transformation program 2020
  •  Activate the aviation sector in the Kingdom to be one of the most important sectors contributing to the domestic product
  •  Develop the low-traffic airports to be in a unified design model to achieve "environmentally friendly" principle
  •  Distribute air traffic on hub airports and develop the infrastructure to keep up with increasing air traffic levels
  •  Establish airports with international standards that provide necessary operational requirements which work on reliable commercial bases to develop the non-navigational revenues and contribute to raising the operational capacity of the airports
  •  Achieve the highest levels of safety worldwide
  •  Improve the performance of Saudi airspace and make it the preferable environment for airlines
  •  Creating an attractive investment environment for the local and international private sectors
  •  Encourage the national companies to expand regionally and internationally
  •  Create a fair competitive environment among all national carriers
  •  Strengthen the partnership with the private sector in the area of airport cities real estate development and operation through construction contracts, transfer of ownership and operation (BOT, BTO)
  •  Train the Saudi employees in the best local and international universities, colleges, and specialized institutes
  • Maintain the General Authority of Civil Aviation accusations and maintain the membership of the Kingdom in International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Council.

Last updated: 2/20/2024 12:34 PM

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