MOT Implemented Trucks Parking in Makkah and Dammam

The Ministry of Transport announced complete implemented of the parking to book the trucks in Makkah on Haddat ash Sham road and Bryman parking, as well as the Eastern Province Dammam – Abu-Hadriyah road. This project aims to reduce the traffic, accidents and the congestion.


 Bryman parking accommodates between 75 and 100 trucks, of 700m length and 20m width, 1500m acceleration and deceleration lanes and 7m the entryway width. On the other hand, Abu-Hadriyah parking accommodates between 150 to 200 trucks, an area of 100,000m and its land was allocated by the General Authority of Civil Aviation. This phase followed by implementing another 2 parking.


The Ministry of Transport make sure that the parking should be located 15m away from the cities entrances, and not to be near the bridges, the distance between the parking and the intersections should not be less than 2 km and availability the safety on site.


The Ministry of Transport has a plan to implement at least 26 parking to book the trucks in coordination with the Public Transport Authority and the Ministry of Interior, to regulate the truck's movement and avoid the accidents that amounted in first three months of 2018 about 1370 accidents. In addition, the reducing the traffic congestion where the truck's daily average movement on Abu Hadriyah road exceeded 4,300 trucks, and Haddat ash Sham road about 3,000 trucks.




Last updated: 1/13/2019 1:36 PM

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