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Last day for MOT in "Safe driving" Fair

As senior partner of King Saud University



The Ministry of Transport concluded its participation with King Saud University in the "First Time" Safe Environment Forum for Driving, held at KSU from 8 to 11 March. The largest supporting Women’s driving gathering.


The MOT section has received a big visitor turnout, where the driving simulator experience a considerable interaction.


The section clarified the Unified Call Center (938) to file and follow up any road-related report, as well as the application "Toroq" for smartphones. Also, defined the most two principles the Ministry work on it, that complying with the Saudi Vision 2030, which are road safety that enhancing efficiency and reduce the road accident deaths till 25% by 2020.


The MOT also was shows the incident indices and traffic densities that associated with the traffic meters and accident reports in a smart screen.The Ministry depends on the traffic meter that measuring the safety level and identifies priorities for preventive maintenance projects.


HE the President of KSU Dr.Badran Al-Omar honored the MOT for its role as the strategic partner in the success this event.




Last updated: 1/13/2019 1:30 PM

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