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The Authority of Public Transportation oversees the maritime transport sector 
The Ministry of Transport provides the Saudi Ports Authority with budgets and resources to implement the maritime projects like ports, shipyards, factories and the establishment of navigation companies. The government paid considerable attention to the maritime sector since it is one of the most important economic pillars in any country and the Kingdom has a coastline of more than 1500 nautical miles, serving the needs of exports and imports by 95%. For that, the government established new ports, shipyards, and shipbuilding. Maritime companies and institutions were founded accordingly, and a modern naval fleet was built, along with establishing various factories to serve all the economic activities in these cities. 
The Public Transport Authority oversees all maritime transport activities in the Kingdom, including the following: 
- Organize and issue licenses for maritime transport activities companies 
- Organize and issue licenses for fishing boats, yachts, ferries, tourist boats and diving 
- Supervising the Saudi fleet 
- Implement the agreements of the International Maritime Organization 
- Issue the Saudi maritime commercial system 
- Update the ports, harbors, lighthouses system and its regulations 
- Supervise and classify the inspection and the detection of the Saudi ships and issue inspection reports 
- Organize the registration procedures of the maritime ships 
- Organize the Maritime's travel tickets sales activity 
- Ships monitoring and inspection 
- Supervise Jazan and Daba ports 
- Adopt and implement the International Convention in all the matters related to maritime transport activities
- Represent the Kingdom in the international meetings related to the fields of environment, safety, training, regulations or development of maritime transport activities .

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