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The Public Transport Authority oversees this sector through the Saudi Railways that manages all the railroads in the Kingdom including Dammam Port - Riyadh which was opened in 19/1/3771H (20 October 1951), to transport merchandise. It also supervises other railroad established in 1405 H (1985 AD) with a length of 450 km.

The Saudi Railways manages and maintains these lines in addition to operating a number of modern locomotives, passenger cars, and merchandises railroads cars. Passengers transport services are available between Riyadh, Dammam, and Hofuf. Modern passenger cars and merchandises railroads cars were recently added, and the total number now is 18 trains. These trains operate on scheduled daily trips serving all the beneficiaries.

The railway sector has expanded the network by implementing the following projects:

- North Railway Project (Saudi Railway Company - SAR) project with a total length of 3.000 km.

- Al-Haramain Express Train for passengers with a length of 450 km, connecting Makkah, Madina, and Jeddah.

- The 1150 km long land bridge project that links the western part of the kingdom to the eastern Red Sea coast on the Arabian Gulf coast, where design, technical and financial studies are currently ongoing.

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