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The Ministry of Transport has prepared the National Transport Strategy in cooperation with all concerned bodies in the transport sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The strategy was discussed and reviewed by the Council of Ministers and the Shura Council. Then the Council of Ministers issued the decision No. (4) dated in 3/1/1433 AH approving the National Transport Strategy and directing the Ministry of Transport to supervise the implementation of the Convention and submitting a progress report every two years.

 The national transport strategy includes:

  • Vision and six strategic objectives.
  • Summary of problems, challenges, and solutions that resulted from analyzing the strategy.
  • The general framework for implementing the strategy.
  • The work program which covers six areas, and twenty-nine strategic actions.
The strategy is based on a future vision to provide an integrated transport sector that includes all types of transport means to meet the Kingdom's future needs. The strategy also focuses on safety, effectiveness, efficiency and technological development, and encourage and promote the economic development and competitiveness of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at an international level. It also provides a healthy and safe environment for community members.
Objectives of the National Transport Strategy:

  • -Efficiency and effectiveness to ensure the continuous technical, economic and financial development of the transport sector.
  •   Supporting social development through support and promote economic growth in the Kingdom and competitiveness capability at the local, regional and global levels. Besides, facilitating the transport services to the citizens and non-citizens.
  •   Safety of transport through applying the measures that aim to raise the standard of safety, reduce fatality and injury rates, lessen the impact of accidents and reduce the economic and social losses caused by accidents.
  •  Protect the environment by limiting the adverse effects of the transport means on the environment by taking the necessary measures to reduce and avoid these effects in addition to increase the environment awareness in the community.
  •  National security through a transport system capable of meeting the needs of defense, national security and effective in natural and unnatural disasters.
  •  Transport in Hajj by creating a consistent network of multimodal transportation to meet the unique and special needs to transport the pilgrims in a safe and efficient way.

The strategy has several policies that are important guiding principles for all strategy programs and all types of the transport sector in general. These policies include:

 1- Joint responsibility to keep up with the development of the transport sector.
 2. Decentralization and activate the private sector participation.
 3. Regional and international integration and involvement in the global markets.
 4. Integrated development and operation of transport infrastructure.

A work program consisting of (28) procedure was also identified to achieve the vision and objectives of the strategy, and commissioned the responsible authorities in the following areas:

  •  The field of the transport infrastructure development program. Which aims to improve the efficiency of transport infrastructure by refining the integration of planning processes that support multimodal transport, promoting trade transformation, private sector participation and competition in transport infrastructure facilities' construction.
  •  The field of the cargo and trade facilitation program, which aims to improve transport operations in the Kingdom and facilitate international trade. This program will promote multimodal transport, reduce border barriers, strengthen the transfer of functions and responsibilities to regional and local bodies and enhance the professional capacities, as well as ensure the competition and economic openness to the market.
  •  Passenger transport program, which aims to introduce further development and improvement in the field of passenger transport. The program includes the systems and services within the cities, and the vast movement of travelers throughout the Kingdom by aviation, buses, railways and also includes tourism transport studies in the Kingdom.
  • The field of Hajj transport program, which determines the needs of transporting the pilgrims by supporting and strengthening the planning work and arrangements of logistic support services during the Hajj period. And promote the best possible ways of planning and implementing the transport infrastructure projects to facilitate the movement of pilgrims in and between the cities.
  •  The field of the Transport Safety Program, which aims to improve the safety of transport and traffic in the Kingdom. This program focus on implementing and supporting institutional frameworks, the capacities and initiating the productive activities in the field of law enforcement, engineering, and education.
  •  The Environment protection program aims to reduce the adverse effects on the environment and the health hazards arising from the transport sector. And define the policies, regulations, and standards formulation under the auspices of the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection. Also, achieve the Implementers commitment and ensure their compliance with the issued rules and regulations.
Implementing the new transport strategy will be through the preparation of an essential work program that includes many different entities in this sector. The implementation mechanism is within the administrative and legislative frameworks of the Kingdom, to ensure the distribution of resources and achieve harmony and coordination. One of the basic policies of the national transport strategy requires the full ownership of all the active participants in the program and should take the responsibility of many tasks under central supervision and coordination for the program. It also calls for the necessary adjustments in agreement with current developments, which necessitates a periodic review of the National Transport Strategy Program.

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