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​The Ministry is responsible for all types of road transport operations for both passengers and merchandises by monitoring and supervising the regulations and the legislations implemented by the Public Transport Authority. The role of the Authority is limited to legislate and implement the laws and regulations governing public transport.

A) Passenger Transport:

The Public Transport Authority is always working on the development of the passenger transport sector for its vital importance, including the regulations governing this area. The role of the Ministry of Transport is to oversee the following operations:

- Supervise the update of the public transport rules and all its activities

- Authorize and approve the regulation governing the ownership of private taxicab.

- Supervise the update of the regulation concerning passengers transport by public taxicabs, between the cities of the Kingdom and abroad

- Supervise the update of the regulation that manages and operates the individuals who use their cars as public taxicabs

- Review the conditions of road transporting the individuals who want to perform minor pilgrim )  Umrah) inside and outside the Kingdom

- Review the conditions of tourist transport services

- Oversee the requirements of public taxicab navigation service.

B) Goods transport:

The Ministry is continuously working on developing and updating the regulations of  goods transport services, the latest were:

- The project of the regulations governing transporting goods and materials by rental trucks.
- The project of the regulations governing carrying and moving the goods and the materials.

The Saudi Railways Organization has a major role in transporting goods from King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam to the dry port in Riyadh. Also, the Ministry of Transport supervises the implementation of the North Line project through an operating company.

The current railways are supporting the transportation system by reducing the number of heavy trucks on the main roads network, which increases road safety rates and provides energy consumption. This is accomplished by the operation of the mining train that links industrial areas in the east and the north of the Kingdom. Railways also serve the goods transportation inside and between the Kingdom's port centers in the near future.

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