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​​​The Transport and its role in the Kingdom's development 

The transport sector is one of the keys to sustainable development and a vital economic pillar that depends on roads' infrastructure availability and multi means of conveyances. The Kingdom's national transport plan is consistent with the development strategy of the Ministry of Economy and Planning. It aims at developing the transport sector and harnessing its absorptive capacity to meet all the requirements needed. The contribution of the transport sector is concentrated in removing the physical, legal and administrative obstacles to motivate the economic growth in the relevant sectors. As a result, the Ministry will apply the following: 
• Set up plans and objectives and define the policies necessary to achieve operational development in the ministry 
• Develop the transport sector to achieve the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030 as part of a strategic plan set by the Supreme Council for Economy and Development, which the Ministry will supervise. 
• Strengthening the Kingdom's position as a unique logistics platform between the three continents 
• Prepare a complete guide to the Kingdom's transport sector that includes: 
• The means and mechanisms necessary for the overall planning process and identify the concerned bodies and organizations 
• Formulate the regulations and the legislations of the integrated planning project 
• Supervise the project by a higher supervisory committee headed by HE the Minister of Transport and representatives of many bodies. 
• Prepare a study about the public transport policies and legislations in the Kingdom to develop comprehensive strategies, after the issuance of the Council of Ministers' decision No. 174 dated in 2/6 / 1433H to establish a public transport authority. The authority role is to regulate and supervise the public transport services for passengers within cities and between cities with an appropriate cost. Moreover, to encourage the investments inadequate to the Kingdom's economic and social development objectives.  
• Supervise and develop the maritime transport sector, raise its competitiveness and achieve the highest levels of security and safety. 
• Monitor the implementation of the railway's sector's plans throughout the Kingdom and increase the revenues from the Saudi Railways land.  
• Managing the Saudi Ports Authority plans and benefit from the participation of the private sector in financing, operating, and maintaining the port's projects and programs. 
• Oversee the privatization programs in the General Authority of Civil Aviation in association with the private sector in the financing, operating and maintaining the civil aviation projects in the airports and its facilities. 

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