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The content team carries out various editing and publishing tasks on the portal of the Ministry of Transport through a professional team of editors and coordinators.

Stages of preparation and publication:
The work is carried out according to a regular mechanism that starts with receiving the content that is required to be published, modified or updated on the portal. It includes the news and advertising areas of the Ministry's activities and the participation of relevant local and international events, as well as the content of the departments and branches of the ministry. Follow the receiving stage. Direct the content coordinator to the administrator (marketing and institutional communication) to do the necessary editing, editing and drafting before publication, and then return the content to the coordinator for publication.
In addition to the above, the content team's tasks include: Communicating and following up with the competent authorities regarding the content request, modification or publication, and the preparation and drafting of the urgent and urgent updates required by the portal management.

The team's tasks include:
Communication and follow-up of coordinators with the competent authorities starting and during the course of work.
Revision and editing by administrators for all content received.
Share administrators set up and create new content according to management guidelines.

Sources of information:
Content containing information for publication in the portal is written by a staff of the Ministry of Transport in various disciplines. The Ministry of Transport is responsible for the reliability and reliability of the information published. In the event of outsourcing, the content team at the portal is keen to mention the source and links to So below each page.

Portal reference and compliance with legal requirements:
The portal is, a governmental organization supported and funded by the Government represented by the Ministry of Transport.

Advertising policy:
The advertising policy on the portal of the Ministry of Transport publishes the activities and activities of the Ministry, does not host external advertisements, and does not raise money through advertisements.​

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