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MOT seeks the road users opinions
Created Date: 15/05/1439

T​hrough the Unified Call Center 938 and the smartphone application

The Ministry of Transport invites road users to contribute in improving its services


The Ministry of Transport urges the users of its road to contribute to improving its services and report everything that they notice to the unified call center 938 or use the smartphone application "Toroq."


This call comes as an effort of the Ministry of Transport to improve the service, raise the level of safety on roads and increase the efficiency of various transport modules. It is also part of the Ministry's efforts to reduce the rate of road fatalities with the support of other concerned entities, first and foremost the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior. 


The 24/7 unified call center 938 is a channel of communication with all clients and beneficiaries of the ministry's services and it has the best technical specifications. The call center is operated by qualified Saudi personals responding to public inquiries, complaints, and reports related to the roads and Public Transport Authority services.


Since its launch in mid-December last year, the call center has received more than 5,400 calls with an average of 3.5 minutes, including inquiries about the services and 1,688 reports, 64% of which have been closed. And there are 537 open reports under follow up.


Riyadh accounted for the highest percentage of calls, which exceeded 48% of the total calls, followed by Makkah and the Eastern Province. The border areas, the north, and Al- Jouf came at the end of the list by 1% of the total calls.


The Minister of Transport, Dr. Nabil bin Mohammed Al-Amoudi, launched the Unified Call Center on the 18th of December last year to ensure the best services for citizens and residents. The center is part of an initiative that the Ministry is devoted to in order to improve the road life cycle.​

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