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The First Goal:
Raising the level of partnership between transport sector and the private sector To finance, operate and maintain the projects of transport sector represented by civil aviation, railways, ports
1. Operation and maintenance privileges for railways' private operators
2. Strategic partnership program with the private sector
3. Legislative and regulatory reform of airports
4. Increase revenues from airports
5. Profit from the Saudi Ports' lands revenues

The Second Goal:
Increase the reliance on the transport sector's self-resources Of provided assets and services (railways and roads)
1. Increase the revenues from the Saudi Railways' lands 
2. Revenue from roads assets

The Third Goal:
Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the transport sector Complete the projects in time, with the required budget and quality. And provide the services efficiently in a way that will satisfy the beneficiary entities.
1. Improve the cost and the performance of the roads' life cycle 
2. Airports infrastructure development program
3. Integrated policies program to use public transport
4. Integrated program to raise the efficiency of the ports
5. Increase the capacity of freight

The Fourth Goal:
Improve the safety in transport sector by reducing roads and railways fatalities and accidents 
1. Road safety program to reduce accidents fatalities
2. Improve railway safety

The Fifth Goal:
Effective internal and external connectivity between the populated, industrial and commercial areas and between the centers of developing the value chains to​ increase the performance of the logistics services sector in the Kingdom and make trade easier, which will facilitate the clearance process, arrange the shipments at competitive prices and high quality and implement the shipments tracking to their destination. Also, achieve services integration between all transport sectors to make them easier and more efficient to serve all beneficiaries (passengers, goods).
1. Prepare an integrated strategy for the transport sector
2. A Plan to modernize the railway network
3. Regulatory reform of the Saudi ports system and its establishment
4. Develop some airports to be a regional center for logistic services and air freight.

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